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Fighting cancer with Cannabis

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Hemp-to-Biofuels Research Gets Green Light



Imagine the United States no longer being dependent on Foreign Oil, or any Fossil Fuels at all.When Hemp Farming is allowed to flourish again in the United States we will breath cleaner air, drink cleaner water, and eat healthier than ever before!  We will know as a Nation that our future generations have been looked out for well and that we have done our part to ensure a healthy future for our Planet.

We have the ability to produce Gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol, Biodiesel, and Clean Energy from this one single plant!  With the oil from hempseed we can produce Biodegradable Plastics and so much more!

Learn about Hemp and its many uses HERE

John Davis of the Domestic Fuel Website wrote a great article this week about the push for hemp based fuels in Washington called “Hemp-to-Biofuels Research Gets Green Light”

John wrote this in his article about the recent passing of the Farm Bill in the United States:

“A crop that has had an undeserved stigma attached to it could now become a source for biodiesel and ethanol. The recently passed and signed Farm Bill contains a provision that would allow hemp to be grown for research purposes, including making it into the green fuels.”

Read full story HERE

Kentucky readies Hemp Pilot projects thanks to Farm Bill Provision


Posted by Business Lexington on 03/27/2014 by Tim Thornberry.

“Little time was wasted in getting the hemp initiative moving forward in Kentucky since passage of the Farm Bill.”

“The national agriculture legislation contained a provision to allow hemp research plots in those states where laws had already been passed allowing for the revitalization of the crop. Agriculture Commissioner James Comer announced the creation of hemp pilot projects in the state, which supporters hope will mean the beginning of bringing hemp back to regular production in a place that once led the nation in industrial hemp production.”

“Our goal is to have, by the end of March, in detail, all the pilot projects and who’s going to participate in them and exactly what the objective is,” he said. “We’re still trying to determine a few things and working closely with Attorney General Jack Conway to make sure everybody is on the same page.”

Read the full story HERE

Nebraska legalizes Industrial Hemp Farming for Research


Nebraska lawmakers voted this week 39-2 in favor of legalizing Industrial Hemp Farming for Research purposes.  Lawmakers said it was about time they jumped on board with the Hemp Movement sweeping across the United States.

States around the US are rushing to line up for the massive potential revenue predicted to come in once this amazingly resourceful plant is legalized again. This year brings the total number of known uses for the Hemp Plant to over 50,000 and counting. Hemp alone has the potential to take over the World with its Earth-Friendly products and Biodegradable Plastics, Biodiesel Fuels, Biomass for Fuel, and Super Food properties.  Hemp is the TREE OF LIFE!

The United States is already the #1 Importer of Hemp in the World and spends around $500+ MILLION a year on Hemp Products! When Hemp becomes legal again this figure would be expected to jump up into the Billions, not to mention all of the potential revenue from the Medicinal side of the plant’s known uses.

Camila Orti of Nebraska’s Fox News Channel 8 (KLKNTV) wrote an article this week regarding the passing of this very important legislation in which she discusses the details of the law and what the local Politicians had to say regarding it.  Read the full story from Fox News Channel 8 HERE


West Michigan Hemp Processors say Colorado’s liberalized Pot laws will help their business grow


Posted on Michigan’s News Site Mlive on 03/26/2014 by Jim Harger.

“PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI – Colorado’s liberalized marijuana laws will help the expansion plans of a local company that manufactures and distributes industrial hemp-based food supplements and cosmetics, according to Joe Brown, founder of Michigan Hemp Co.”

“Brown, who said his company’s products do not contain the psychotropic drug found in marijuana, said Colorado farmers are now being given permission to raise and sell domestic hemp products that his company currently imports from Canadian and Dutch hemp growers.”

“We’ll be able to create jobs with a domestic hemp crop,” said Brown, who said his 5-year-old company processes industrial hemp oil with five employees at a facility in Holt. “We’re hoping to go to 50 people in the next 24 months.”

Read the full story HERE

Aquaponics is the future of growing and uses 92% less water than traditional farming


Aquaponics is the future and its amazing what it can do for your garden!  This closed-loop organic system combines Fish Farming with Hydroponic Gardening.  The system is so efficient it uses 92% less water than traditional farming and grows the healthiest fish and veggies you will ever eat!

If you’re interested in learning more about Aquaponics or you’re ready to get growing, here is a great company to contact who’s got the system design down so well they’ve taken out a Utility Patent on the design.

Portable Farms is the company that can help you with all of your Aquaponics needs, whether you’re a newbie or you’re ready to drop big money on a commercial system.

To visit the Portable Farms website click HERE

Utah Governor signs “Hemp Supplement” Bill

cancer ad

Posted by The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT) on 03/25/2014.

“Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed “Charlee’s Law” on Thursday, giving Utahns with epilepsy trial access to a non-intoxicating, seizure-stopping cannabis oil.”

“The Republican signed HB105 in a private ceremony with the parents of the bill’s namesake, Charlee Nelson, one of 50 Utah children on a Colorado waiting list for nonintoxicating cannabis oil. The 6-year-old West Jordan girl, died last weekend, days after being honored by the Legislature.”

Read the full story HERE

Kleangas Energy Technologies Hemp Pellet test results exceed expectations




“Kleangas Energy Technologies, Inc. (otcqb:KGET) is pleased to report that our Hemp Pellet test results have more than exceeded our expectations, and are equal to wood pellets tested in many respects. Given the successful KLEANGAS proprietary testing results we received from utilizing Hemp, we are enthusiastically moving forward with the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of our exclusive new Pellet brand HEMP-PEL(TM).”

“Hemp farming is completely sustainable when rotated with other crops, produces four (4) times as much fiber per acre as pine trees, and Hemp is an ideal source of biomass as fuel which will be used as an alternative to coal and other fossil fuels.”


“Don Willis, EVP of G Pell production a subsidiary of Kleangas Technologies, Inc., stated, “In our lab analysis we compared hemp against several other conventional biomass fuel pellets. When compared to paper, cardboard, corn, wood, and any of these base substrates mixed with a corn supplement we found that, regardless of binder used, hemp exceeded all of them, even wood, in BTU value. Additionally hemp was the only base substrate that did not receive a BTU ‘kick’ from using a corn additive. This shows the superior value of adding hemp to our biofuel portfolio as we move forward in our goal of providing energy solutions around the world.”

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3 Operations in Colorado’s Weld County get Hemp OK


Posted in the Houston Chronicle (Houston Chron) on 03/26/2014.

“GREELEY, Colo. (AP) — Three Weld County applicants have permission to grow hemp under Colorado regulations that took effect this year.”

“In an article (https://tinyurl.com/mbavnvs ) Wednesday, The Tribune reported the three were among 10 commercial and 11 research-and-development applications approved by the state agriculture department.”

Read full story HERE



Hemp Aid: US considers buying Industrial Cannabis from Ukraine to bolster its economy


From Reuters – Posted on 03/26/2014

“The US Department of Agriculture is looking to boost imports of hemp seeds from Ukraine, hoping this will help the country’s battered economy. However, they still do not know what it will be used for.”

“We are now involved in trying to figure out ways in which we might be able to use the industrial hemp seeds that are created in Ukraine in the US,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told Bloomberg in an interview Tuesday.”

“Ukraine is the world’s fourth-biggest producer of industrial hemp seed, which the term used to refer to cannabis strains cultivated for non-drug use. Unlike another, most known type of Cannabis grown for marijuana, industrial hemp lacks that same ingredient, THC, which causes physical or psychological effects and gives smoker a high.”

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