Creating Agricultural Solutions for Farmers

Ways we can help your farm: 


  • Soil Remediation - Build healthy soil, restore native beneficial micro-organisms, and increase crop output.


  • Animal Bedding & Litter - High performance and ultra absorbent.  Cuts down on odor as well as costs associated with Storage, Labor, and Vet Bills.  Learn more...


  • Odor Control - We offer farmers natural ways to efficiently & effectively control odor on their farms.


  • Run-off & Erosion - Creating solutions to nitrogen run-off and erosion on farms.


  • Nutritional Feed  - We supply bulk Hemp Nutritional Feed (High Protein).


  • Growing Medium - Earth Friendly medium for Starters, Clones, and Seedlings of many varieties.


  • Tree Planting - Fiber matting material to put down as a liner under fruit trees or plants in deep soil.


  • Oil Soak - Highly absorbent oil soaking materials for land & water applications.



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