What are the advantages to building with Hemp?

HEALTH Hempcrete contains zero VOC's or harmful chemicals. Safe for your Family and the Environment.
CUT COSTS Less waste, less materials, and a Home thats built in a few days. Low heating and cooling costs.
STRONGER Hempcrete is stronger than concrete.
SAVE THE TREES Using Hemp as a building material will save countless Trees and Eco-systems Worldwide.
HEALTHY AIR Hemp is an expert at removing CO2 from the atmosphere and creating Oxygen.
NO OFF-GASING There are no toxic chemicals used with Hempcrete
FIRE RESISTANT Hempcrete is a fire resistant construction material
PEST & MOLD RESISTANT Hempcrete is resistant to pests & mold
BREATHABLE WALL SYSTEM Hempcrete forms a healthy, and breathable wall

Want to build a home from sustainable materials?

Hemp Building Materials

Contact us to inquire about building materials made from Industrial Hemp. We sell bulk Hemp Hurd and Hempcrete Binder for building applications. Educational Workshops can be booked at your location as well.