KRS § 260.850-.869

  • Establishes research on industrial hemp and industrial hemp products.
  • “Industrial hemp means all parts and varieties of the plant cannabis sativa, cultivated or possessed by a licensed grower, whether growing or not, that contain a tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of one percent (1%) or less by weight, except that the THC concentration limit of one percent (1%) may be exceeded for licensed industrial hemp seed research.
  • “The Department of Agriculture shall promote the research and development of markets for Kentucky industrial hemp and hemp products after the selection and establishment of the industrial hemp research program and the Industrial Hemp Commission…”
  • Includes language that “Kentucky shall adopt the federal rules and regulations that are currently enacted regarding industrial hemp and any subsequent changes thereto.”
  • On Feb. 19, 2014, Kentucky announced five pilot hemp projects that would be used across the state, including one project that would research whether industrial hemp could be used to remediate tainted soil.

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