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Nebraska legalizes Industrial Hemp Farming for Research


Nebraska lawmakers voted this week 39-2 in favor of legalizing Industrial Hemp Farming for Research purposes.  Lawmakers said it was about time they jumped on board with the Hemp Movement sweeping across the United States.

States around the US are rushing to line up for the massive potential revenue predicted to come in once this amazingly resourceful plant is legalized again. This year brings the total number of known uses for the Hemp Plant to over 50,000 and counting. Hemp alone has the potential to take over the World with its Earth-Friendly products and Biodegradable Plastics, Biodiesel Fuels, Biomass for Fuel, and Super Food properties.  Hemp is the TREE OF LIFE!

The United States is already the #1 Importer of Hemp in the World and spends around $500+ MILLION a year on Hemp Products! When Hemp becomes legal again this figure would be expected to jump up into the Billions, not to mention all of the potential revenue from the Medicinal side of the plant’s known uses.

Camila Orti of Nebraska’s Fox News Channel 8 (KLKNTV) wrote an article this week regarding the passing of this very important legislation in which she discusses the details of the law and what the local Politicians had to say regarding it.  Read the full story from Fox News Channel 8 HERE


Bill to permit production of industrial hemp easily wins 1st-round approval in Nebraska Legislature


“LINCOLN — Thirteen years ago, industrial hemp’s resemblance to marijuana sank legislation to legalize growing of hemp in Nebraska.”

“On Tuesday, a bill to allow production and marketing of industrial hemp sailed through first-round debate in the Nebraska Legislature.”

“Legislative Bill 1001, introduced by State Sen. Norm Wallman of Cortland, advanced on a 32-1 vote.”

“He said his proposal concerned alternative crops and a potential source of revenue for farmers.”

“This bill is no way intended to be a gateway to recreational use” of marijuana, Wallman said. “This bill is about agriculture. It’s really that simple.”

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