Trees need our help, and we need the trees to survive!

We share a lot of our DNA with Trees, and we are symbiotic partners in this world. We need each other and share a common destiny. If they go, we go…just like the bees. This isn’t a planet where one species alone can survive. We must have respect for the web of life around us. Hemp is just one piece of the puzzle to fixing things, but it plays a major role.


Learn about how Trees communicate between each other by watching the video we’ve shared below:


The US Gov knew about Hemp and how it could help the forests… all the way back in 1916!

Check out their research document here:…/

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#HEMP helps to save #FORESTS and countless #ECOSYSTEMS
#TREES are here to help #HUMANS on planet #EARTH, and we need
each other to #SURVIVE. Working together we can #THRIVE so the next #7GENERATIONS have a #HEALTHY #FUTURE.

#PEACE be with the #PROTECTORS